Post Costa Rica Blog Post (#1)

The title is a “Post” Sandwich. Clearly I’ve been spending too much time with my Dad, the Dad jokes have really rubbed off onto me.

I’m Shilpa, my friends called me Shil (but we aren’t friends..yet).  I’m a Senior here at WWU, and work part time at a eCommerce company as their marketing and social media coordinator. Definitely counting down the days till i get my degree in Marketing and Int’l Business. Just itching to set off on some global adventures. I just got back after spending 12 days in Costa Rica, spent my last summer interning at a Digital Media company in New Zealand called Fairfax Media, and went to Hawaii last spring break… So you could say I’m a little bit of a travel-nut.

I’m taking DigiMark because it’s cool. It’s something I have some experience in, and I’m being paid to do digital marketing, so I should probably have some sort of formal education on the topic. Digital Marketing is the newest form of marketing, and it’s only going to be more popular, so I know it’s important to learn about it before I enter the real adult people world.

I would mostly like to learn about optimizing webpages and how to utilize Google Analytics and make the most out of what you learn from tracking pages on Analytics. I’d also just like to know the ropes of internet marketing, and all its vast, mysterious ways. Learning about Guerilla Marketing online would also be really cool!

About the readings:
The State of Digital Marketing article actually kind of annoyed me. I get the sense that these corporations are putting the blame on the employee and not on the education they received. If a company is hiring marketing specialists, I’ll go ahead and assume they’re only hiring people with a college degree in Marketing. So my question is, with this huge talent-gap, why aren’t companies working more closely with local business and talking about what skills future marketers need to have in the work place? There is obviously a disconnect that could easily be closed, with the implementation of classes like Digital Marketing, and more niche’d classes towards online marketing skills.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 4.25.07 PM

This graph was kind of surprising to me, and really shows the power of the internet and shows how marketers are very much aware of that. The next graph in the article shows how much money is currently being spent on internet advertising versus television advertising, and the amount of time spent by people on both. While more time is spent on TV, more money is put into Internet. Which once again shows the power of the internet! Essentially this article emphasis the importance and growth of digital marketing, which makes perfect sense to me. I mean, it’s 2016, and I now have a professor uses Twitter to communicate with students. It’s 2016… Wow.

See you in class!

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