Writing about reading about the evaluation of Web Analytics companies (#2)

I just read a little fun fact that said over 3 million blog posts are published everyday, so cheers to being 1 in 3 million!

In this blog post I will be referring to The Forrester Wave’s Web Analytics piece, which is meant to be used by Insights Teams, and is instead being used by an already tired on the 2nd day of the quarter college senior.

“The Forrester Wave” began their research into which Web Analytics Software(s) are the best by discovering the top 6 leaders in the analytics industry right now. Currently, Adobe, AT Internet, Google, IBM, SAS Institute, and Webtrends, hold the most significant amount of market share in their area. The next step was to score each company based on their ability to handle larger and complex data sets, developing actionable insights to the business user, supporting a sophisticated and customer-centric view of digital interactions, and supporting real-time actionability to influence outcomes.

Of the 6, Adobe, IBM, AT Internet and Webtrends took the lead, followed by Google and SAS Institute. As I was reading through the article, I was trying to make an educated guess about which companies program would be best, and out of habit I assumed it would be Google. I’ve used Google Analytics and the Premium program quite extensively thanks to my Digital Marketing internship in NZ, and my current job requires that I dabble in GA as well. I’ve been quite impressed with it’s capabilities and ease-of-use, so it wasn’t a totally ill informed guess.

It’s not surprising that Adobe is the leader for a software program though. I took notice of the mention of the Marketing System, and wanted to see what that would include. Experience Manager, Media Optimizer, Campaign, Target and Social. What I can take from that, is that Adobe really understands it’s customers needs, and wants to hold your hand every step of the (marketing) way. Not to mention the massive list of Adobe Creative Studio programs. They know what they’re doing.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 9.17.36 PM.png

It’s pretty obvious based on this table alone that Adobe has a huge advantage over the other companies with the analytics program. They are the clear winner in every current offering subcategory.

I thought it could be interesting to note that Adobe, IBM and Google are the only three (in my opinion) well-known brand names from those being analyzed. I’m not exactly sure what the implications of that are.

Until next time!

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