Corporate Social Media vs. You Social Media

Surviving in the social media battle field can be daunting – whether you’re the social media marketer for a business, or if you’re just a girl trying to get some Instagram likes on that new #selfie. It seems like the folks (or businesses) getting all those likes are using a super secret algorithm to gain those coveted likes and interactions. Well, they may be. Or they could just be smart, by integrating business tactics into their own personal social media usage.

How do corporate social media and personal social media differ?
Well – to start off – corporate and personal have two different end goals. Boring Business is putting out their social posts in order to generate traffic, and hopefully bring them a conversion. Whereas you, Sasha Social, are putting out social posts with a goal of 1) killing time because you’re bored (totally legit reason, this is basically what keeps our feeds active!) 2) gain attention 3) updating your friends and family on your life.
A corporation isn’t going to post something like this:
Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 8.52.31 PM.pngMy buddy Justin here is just looking to kill some time – I’m guessing by his usually sarcastic posts (Amy Schumer is great and I will stand by her, btw). Notice that Justin isn’t posting SEO target words, isn’t promoting anything, and isn’t generally concerned about what kind of reaction this post might get. Like this one…. Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 8.58.38 PM.png


Jeez Justin, maybe we need to have a talk? Despite his awful sense of humor, he makes my point exactly. He is very clearly not worried about what people may think of him, how what he posts may effect his future interactions on social media, and is generally unconcerned with the repercussions of such posts. Classy act, Mr. Clark. Classy act.


Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 9.03.19 PM.png



A great example of attention seeking can be found right here, by Ms. Reid. Once again, you won’t see a corporation post something along the lines of “truth is :)”




And finally, we come to the most dignified usage of social media (namely Facebook), to update friends and family on life achievements and events.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 9.11.31 PM.png

(My sister got engaged! Woohoo!)

To reiterate here, there is no use of SEO, paid posts. All attention is organic, and the target audience is an audience that you created based off relationships. You’re not exactly marketing when you’re posting “the wonderful smell of a baby”. EEK.

In a nutshell, personal social media is different than corporate social media. Personal usage is that exactly, it’s personal. It’s personality, humor, it’s sharing things that matter to you. 

Companies like GoPro and Red Bull are my favorite examples to discuss when it comes to effective usage of social media. Both heavily rely on posting User Generated Content (UGC) to attract an audience, making the potential consumer feel like they can be the next extreme athlete. This is all about targeting and empowering. Below, we see that GoPro shared Joey Mantia’s video, filmed with a GoPro Hero 4 Black. Awesome, and inspires other athletes to film something like this on their own. How can they do that? With a GoPro, of course! Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 9.15.19 PM.png

Let’s take a look at a recent Red Bull post, which is self promoting their own “Red Bull Can You Make It” campaign.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 9.16.14 PM.png

Once again along the lines of targeting and selling. The Red Bull Can You Make It is essentially Amazing Race, where you use Red Bull as your only form of currency, and teams race against each other to see how far they can make it in Europe vs the other teams. It’s a cool concept, and regular Joe’s like you and I can apply to be in it every year. Posting video updates of how well the contestants are doing is a great marketing scheme, definitely along the lines of gaining a specific audience.

What more can we find on Red Bulls page? Posts in other languages, no doubt posted in hopes to attract a global audience. What about Go Pro? Upcoming online sales, lots more. These posts are coming in at about 28 posts per day. If I posted 28 times a day, I would without a doubt lose my audience, or annoy people. The typical person isn’t going to make that many posts a day, and if they do, they may have some questionable motives.

Posting related contact is all part of their ploy to gain traction and an audience that’s going to keep coming back for more. They’re obviously concerned about what kind of impact this post is going to have – and they should be. No potential buyer is going to want to come back to a post that offends them, is risky, or unnecessary.


Like this one, by AT&T. To some people, this was offensive, and came off as a way to capitalize on tragedy. AT&T was widely criticized for this tweet – and that’s understandable. This is a perfect example of how corporate social media needs to be extremely careful with what they post. There is a fine line between a great marketing opportunity and treading the dangerous line of offensive.


Eek, AT&T. Bold Move. Didn’t work out too well for you now, did it?

There are a lot of differences, but what about the similarities?
Both want an audience, both want to see those notifications going up when they make a post.

What about those people that do get 200+ likes on their Instagram accounts?
This can be attributed to hashtags, heavy self promotion, QUALITY content, and on occasion, that pretty girl may even be paying for followers and likes. At that point, said girl turns from a personal account into a business account, because the typical social media user isn’t going to pay for that.

The takeaway:
Post whatever the hell you want on your social accounts, because it’s YOURS. Okay, maybe not whatever you want, but whatever you want within reason. Let’s post a little less of those repetitive selfies though, shall we?

Till next time!

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