What I can do for you as a digital marketer

It’s been a long quarter, filled with lots of rain but lots of awesome weekends with friends, and some of the coolest classes I have taken at Western. Along with DigiMark, I’ve gotten to take another awesome class, Brand Management with Prof. Cat Soule, who is just as awesome as DigiMark professor, Mark Staton.

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What can I do for you as a digital marketer?

After this quarter, a whole lot more than before. I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to get certified in Google Analytics, HootSuite Certification, HubSpot Inbound Certification, and in a few short days I will also have my Google AdWords Certification completed. So, that means I have some strong analytical skills, know how to handle social media, am a strong content creator, and will know how to optimize SEO and search terms. I’ve been lucky enough to earn 2 internships in the past 2 year, the first one being a Digital Marketing internship and the second one being a Social Media and content internship. During my time at my internships I’ve really developed my digital marketing skills, but I’ve solidified my real-life experience by backing it with some formal education. Which is great, because now I can say on paper that I am legitimately certified in these programs.

So, as a digital marketer, I  can optimize your website using A/B testing and Google Analytics as a measuring tool on the changes that I’ve made. I can edit your SEO search terms in your HTML, I can change some pretty basic HTML codes on the back end of a webpage and I could even try to get my hands dirty with SQL and database management – but I’ll admit I can get more practice on that before I’m a pro. I can work with a graphic designer to help optimize the UX/UI of a website interface. I can target customers using email marketing and entice new and old customers into making a conversion. I can optimize a landing page. I can do a whole lot of things that are valuable to company, and my formal education on top of my experience make me an essential member to any marketing team.

12,285 words, 16 blog posts, and 137 views later, I’m done with my DigiMark work. I do plan to keep up my blog! I want to continue my journey as a Digital Marketer, and this goofy, averagely-written blog is a great way to keep my digital media presence. I’ve learned a lot about writing a blog – just comparing my first few blog posts to my last ones really shows the amount of growth I’ve had. Whether I’m targeting SEO keywords or creating more analogies in my blog posts, it’s like reading a 7th graders writing and then reading a senior in college’s writing. Huge difference. I’m really happy with myself and this blog is something I can be incredibly proud of. My favorite blog I wrote was my E-Mail marketing post, which coincidentally is almost my best performing blog, with about 60 views on it! Really awesome. That’s the blog where I compared everything to the 90’s, including pictures of Brittney Spears and Justin Timberlake on the Red Carpet in their full on jean outfits. I also really liked my SEO and Speed Dating blog post, because it was super fun to write and it was just funny in general (at least I like to think so).

Something I am really excited about regarding this blog is that I put it in my LinkedIn, and along with sprucing up my LinkedIn from the knowledge and wisdom of Cat Armstrong-Soule, I’ve been reached out to on LinkedIn a few times by employers asking if I would like to have a phone conversation with them. That’s something I literally never thought would happen – I’m not generally a proactive person, but this blog is something that future employers will  see and hopefully be impressed with. HOPEfully.

So once again, What Can I Do For You as a Digital Marketer?

I can manage your online presence, help you optimize your presence across various platforms, and I can quickly learn on anything I haven’t learned yet.

It’s been an awesome quarter, but I’m very happy to be done.

Catch you on the flippity flip

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