Adulting. Is it really as bad as it seems?

The answer is yes. It is.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it WordPress? After teaching myself the basics of Digital Marketing, I took a break to pursue something equally as important… My Degree. Focusing on school has sort of taken over my life recently, as i finally approach graduation in about a month! Time flies though. I swear it was just yesterday I was a wide-eyed freshman leaving the dorms 45 minutes before class started just to make sure I was on time. Now it’s more like leave 15 minutes early, get a coffee, and show up a minute or two late. But hey, everyone does that now. Second semester senior, amirite?

Anyways. Life has taken a shift. I’ve really found interest in graphics as of late, and have been trying to find resources to teach myself basic graphic design. It’s more than something I want to be able to slap on my resume, it’s something I want to eventually turn into a career. Things like Indesign and Photoshop are really expensive though, so it’s sort of a matter of finding time to spend time in the Mac lab on campus to teach myself basics before I commit to going on a monthly subscription. Then again, what second semester senior wants to spend more time on campus? Not this one. Especially when it’s summer and I could be spending that time at the gym or hiking or cooking. So many things to do.

Except not.

That’s one life shift… The bigger one, as you can imagine, is the shift between student life and adult life. This transition period is uncomfortable. It’s me job hunting while I’m sitting in class. It’s me constantly tweaking my resume and cover letters. It’s like having a full time job. Which on top of having a part time job and a full time commitment to school… It’s a lot to take on. Plus house hunting and so many other things. It’s not easy. I’m constantly doing something to better my life. Maybe that’s the essence of adulthood?

I’ve also found myself getting much more involved in various social issues that I feel effect me directly. With the insurgence of unfortunate events around racial profiling and violence, I’ve been stuck to the front page of the news keeping myself updated with what’s going on across the country. That will be a separate blog post though.

Another issue; the big unwanted F word. Feminism. That’ll be another blog post though. However I will say that I feel that my personal beliefs as a feminist might stray slightly from the more commonly used definition of feminism. I’m excited to talk about this, as it’s something I hold so dearly to my heart and am so passionate about.

I’m literally sitting in class right now while my professor is reviewing what we’ll be tested on on Thursday for our final. That’s right folks, my final final of college. WHAT?!

I’ll pay attention for the last 20 minutes of class, but I’ll be back folks. Excited to pick this back up again.


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